For those of you contemplating suicide

On August 23, 2009, my only child, my son, took his own life.  Since then I’ve devoted much time and energy trying to understand how such a thing could have happened.  Why a wonderful, seemingly happy young man would choose to end his own life.

Unfortunately I have no answers, simply more unanswered questions.

However, one thing I do know, from first hand experience, is the devastating consequences that resulted from his suicide.  I’ve attended Survivors of Suicide (SOS) meetings, talked with friends and family who have lost a loved one to suicide, spoken with counselors, ministers, and prevention specialists and found that there are several common threads that link us all together.  In addition to the grief, the sorrow, the feelings of helplessness and the many unanswered questions, there are a series of events that follow almost every suicide.

These events are the subject of this book, which I have written in hopes that if you are contemplating suicide, you will take a short amount of your time to read.  After all, if you are considering taking your own life don’t you owe it to yourself to understand the consequences of your actions?  Not only for those you leave behind, but for yourself as well.  Because no one knows for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, what happens when you take your own life.  “Life” on the other side may not be anything like you imagine.

“What Happens When I’m Gone” is a powerful book that addresses those who are contemplating suicide in a straightforward manner.  Written from the perspective of a father who lost his son to suicide, this book captures the thoughts and feelings of survivors of suicide who have had to deal with the aftermath of suicide.

Sandra McNally, MA. LISAC
SOS Program, EMPACT-Suicide Prevention Center


A compelling portrayal of what life is really like after losing a loved one to suicide. Bob does an amazing job of sharing his experience, which is the experience that is true for so many families. This is the untold story about loss to suicide. Thank you Bob for shedding some light on this sensitive topic.

Jill McMahon, N.C.C.
Prevention Specialist / S.O.S. Therapist
EMPACT – Suicide Prevention Center

5stars_rThis book was the only thing that talked me down from suicide.  Thank you so much.
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